Raven will help you unlock your intuition
Tarot/intuitive readings-  Full reading $100.00(CDN) approx. $70 (USD)
                                                    2 questions $20.00(CDN) approx. $14 (USD)
                                                    4 questions $40.00(CDN) approx. $28 (USD)
                                                     Emergency (full)$120.00(CDN) approx. $85 (USD)
                                                     Emergency (2 questions) $30.00(CDN) approx. $20(USD)
                                                     Emergency (4 questions) 50.00(CDN) approx. $35 (USD)
Face Time- prearranged (EST) 15 min $60.00(CDN) approx. $40(USD)
                                                       30 min $100.00(CDN) approx. $70(USD)
                                                       45 min $150.00(CDN) approx. $105(USD)
                                                        1hr $200.00(CDN) approx. $140(USD)
Candle/incense/crystal work- Varies on circumstances
Dream/ Animal guide meanings- $20(CDN)
Non emergency readings will be done after payment(no refunds) within a week. All emergency readings will be done (no refunds) within 1-2 days. Prices are in CDN so please remember the exchange rate. All payments will be done through Paypal.
Please email me at and wait for my response before any payment is made.
Booking steps and further information is on the next page (Rates under Services)
Legal Disclaimer- All readings are in no way meant to be taken as advice for legal, medical, financial, safety or any other life decision. Please use your own intuition and seek professional help. I assume no responsibility for any decision you make or the outcome of your reading.