Donations/readings/candle work/other



1) Chose your reading (full/question/emergency or non emergency etc)

2) Email me at moonguidance@yahoo.com with your request

3) I will contact you within 1-12hrs. If I have not responded please email me again.

4)I will let you know when I can do/send you your reading and you can send me any information you would like/questions etc.

5) I will send you a Paypal link and confirm I have received your payment.

6)I will do and send you your reading.

Please indicate if your reading is an emergency reading in your email.

Non emergency readings will be done between 1-5 days

Emergency readings will be done between 1-2 days

Before payment I will inform you when you will receive your reading.

Full readings includes a messages that Spirit believes you should know first. If your questions or concerns are not answered I will ask Spirit and pull more cards including any clarifying cards. The full reading is indepth. There is no limit to the cards pulled and there is no time limit. I allow all related information through.

Question Readings I will ask solely about the information you are asking about. The question readings are not a simple yes or no answer but an explanation of the cards/messages. 

Face Time readings must be prescheduled (EST)

I try not to channel any past on loved ones but if a message does come through I will let you know with no charge at all. I believe that message is a gift and not to be bought.

Do to scheduling video/call may not be available.

All my services are unrushed, positive and truthful.

Contact  email moonguidance@yahoo.com.

Any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Raven Moon (Love and Light)