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Steps to booking a reading...

1. Choose the reading you would like

2. Email me at

 Please do not send funds before we connect or you email me

3. I will respond to your email within 12hrs. If I do not reach back within 12 hrs please email me again

4. We will connect and I will send you a Paypal link.

5. All payments will be done through Paypal. Please remember the exchange rate (ex. CDN to USD)

6. I will do and send you your reading

All readings are confidential. Done in a non judgmental, non rushed, safe, honest, open, accepting positive environment/way.

I do not consent to any information/videos/

messages being shared, discussed or used in any other form.

All payments are non refundable once 

services are provided.

Legal Disclaimer

All readings/communication/advice are in no way meant to be taken as legal, medical, financial, safety or for any and all other life decisions. Please use your intuition and seek professional help/support/advice. I assume no responsibility for any decisions you make or the outcome of your reading. 

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