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Client Reviews

I have known and worked with Raven for 2 years now, words can not express or describe how grateful I am with her. She is a beautiful soul that has come into my life to guide me, make me laugh with her jokes and show me how to stand up, be myself and feel proud of who I am becoming. 

I will always be grateful for that.


I would like to say Raven is intuitive and on point. Raven is absolutely radiant and positive and very uplifting with her tarot readings. They have always resonated 100%. I will always seek her advice on my personal journey.


Never lets me down. Raven is one of a kind and a true diamond!


Hear the conviction in Raven's voice inspires you to excel. See the way she interprets the energy with ease is outstanding. Live the results is freeing!


I wanted the truth and clarity and I got it! Thank you Raven!


Raven is like the friend that is always there to lift you up! But kick your butt when!

Jessica. L

Like a warm hug. Raven makes you feel heard, understood, safe and cared for

Karen. T

No nonsense, run around, fluff and fuss, no extra fees, no scare tactics, no that...realness.

Miss. C

I love Moon Guidance Tarot, I love her channel, I love her readings, I love her energy and I love HER!


Don't argue with her. She knows her stuff that is for sure. I disagreed with her and she said just wait and ya she won! I like that!


The way Raven connects to spirit and me is crazy good! Mind blowing! Love her to bits!

Maria. S

Always goes the extra mile, adds the extra details and takes the extra step...appreciated!

Lina. P

Everyone needs someone like Raven in their life! I found mine and i'm not looking back!

Sandra. R

Down and out, struggling and confused. Raven never gave up and step by step helped me out of the dark hole I was in. 


Lenard. D

Been there and done that and I can say NOTHING compares to a reading with Raven!

Debbie. V

I have worker with Raven for a couple of years. And have found her to be compassionate, discerning and on point with her readings. She has the ability to connect with my energy and able to clarify for me what I struggle to clarify and interpret for myself with regards to people, emotions, career etc.

Raven attempts to not make decisions or tell you what to do but rather helps you see the path forward clearly so that you can navigate the journey you are on for yourself. Her readings have been a blessing for me. When I look back on the readings and listen to her videos, time and time again, she is very much on point.

I highly recommend Raven--Your deeper and intimate emotions are safe with her.

Ms. R.S

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